Ben Pfeiffer’s writing has appeared in Fiction Writers ReviewThe Paris Review Daily, and The Kansas City Star, among other venues. He is a frequent contributor at The Brooklyn Rail and the asst. interviews editor at The Rumpus. He has taught creative writing for six years, including at the University of Kansas, where he completed his MFA, and where he served as a founding editor at Beecher’s. In 2010, he translated Carl Sandburg’s “And This Will Be All” into Russian (with Irina Six), which was set to music by Andrew Paul Jackson and performed by Michael Spyres, tenor, and the Moscow Chamber Orchestra conducted by Constantine Orbelian.

Ben teaches graduate courses in writing and publication at Park University in Kansas City and is researching and writing a book about World War I.


The Rumpus
The Brooklyn Rail



 My research assistant and her 90-year-old great-grandfather.

Banned Books

 Drinking my morning coffee out of my “Banned Books” mug. Last week, the Kansas legislature approved a bill making it easier to prosecute teachers for distributing “harmful” materials to minors. The problem? They think Toni Morrison novels are “pornographic.”...

Simultaneous Submissions

  After a year of research, six months of full-time writing, numerous trips to the dusty, forgotten stacks in the University of Kansas’s Watson Library and to the rare book and manuscript collection at the National World War I Museum, not to mention the...


A review of Eula Biss’s On Immunity: An Inoculation in the Brooklyn Rail.

An interview with Richard Ford at the Rumpus.

An interview with Will Chancellor at the Rumpus.

An interview with Richard Russo at the Rumpus.

An interview with Jacinda Townsend at the Rumpus.

A review of The Blazing World at the Rumpus.

A review of MFA vs NYC at the Rumpus.

An interview with Adam Wilson in the Brooklyn Rail.

The 100 Best Books of the Year 2013 in the Kansas City Star.

A review of The Fun Parts for The Kansas City Star.

review of Wise Men for the Rumpus.

review of Gun Machine for The Brooklyn Rail.

review of The Rainbow Troops for the Rumpus.

An essay about our invasion of Siberia in The Paris Review Daily.

A review of Kurt Vonnegut: Letters for The Kansas City Star.

review of Michael Chabon’s Telegraph Avenue for The Kansas City Star.

A feature about the Latino Writers Collective in The Kansas City Star.

review of The Watery Part of the World at the Rumpus.

review of Albert of Adelaide at Fiction Writers Review.

review of Sentence 9 at The Review Review.

review of Jonathan Franzen’s Farther Away on the Rumpus.

review of Cimarron Review for The Review Review.

short story, “Gemstone,” in Flyway.

review of Shalom Auslander’s Hope: A Tragedy: A Novel at the Rumpus.

An interview on HTMLGIANT about Beecher’s.

review of Rosalyn Drexler’s To Smithereens at the Rumpus.

feature about The Intergalactic Nemesis appears in the Lawrence Journal-World.

review of Tyler McMahon’s How the Mistakes Were Made at the Rumpus.

feature about David Howe, video game developer, and his game, “Mystery Ball.”

feature about Shakespeare in Hollywood and the KU’s theatre’s 2011 – 2012 season.

feature about Robert and Molly Krause as they cook to raise over $45,000 for the Lawrence Arts Center’s Scholarship Fund.

feature about Baron Wolman’s exhibit in Lawrence, Every Picture Tells a Story: The Rolling Stone Years.

A review of Mario Vargas Llosa’s In Praise of Reading and Fiction: The Nobel Lecture at The Faster Times.

short story, “When the Heavens are Bright,” appears in The Moon City Review 2011.

A short story, “The Lexicon of the Sword,” appears in The Moon City Review 2009.




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